Octopus Technologies

Trigger Traps

Providing specialised fishing technology

Since its incorporation in August 2004, Octopus Technologies has solely pursued the development and testing of its uniquely designed trigger pot. This dramatically increased the catch rate for octopus fishing whilst offering a substantially lower environmental impact than other pot and fishing methods, with the real possibility of creating sustainable octopus fisheries on a worldwide basis.

Today, the Trigger Trap is widely accepted as the preferred fishing method of commercial octopus fishing in Western Australia.

Ocotopus Technology

The Trigger Trap

The Trigger Trap meets or exceeds all efficiency and environmental requirements by increasing the catch rates, eliminating bi-product and cannot “ghost fish” (meaning to continue to catch and kill if the trap is lost at sea). Once the octopus is captured it remains out of harms’ way because the animal is securely enclosed within the trap making it impossible for any predator to damage it. This in turn increases the quality of octopus caught.

A major Fisheries Research Report (February 2016) highlighted that the broad-scale introduction in 2010 of a new gear type, the Trigger Trap, saw a 400% increase in octopus catches in the Western Australian Developmental Octopus Fishery (DOF).

Read the Fisheries Research Report No. 270, 2016 here